Steven Craig Hurd

Steven Craig Hurd is a devil worshiper who was convicted for the murder of two individuals.  He died inside the prison on the 28th of May, 2005.

Hurd had established a group of devil worshippers when he was just 20 years old.  He was able to recruit 3 teenagers and a 31 year old female in his cult.  In the beginning, the group lived like a scavenger and hunts their food on the pile of garbage.  They would later learn how to mutilate and dismember the body of smaller animals while chanting their satanic rituals.

Later on, the group has grown tired of just dismembering animals, they thought about a better sacrifice, a human sacrifice.  On two succeeding nights, the group murdered an attendant and a teacher, in honor of Lucifer.

Florence Brown, 31 was abducted on June 4 in an orange grove which is near a campus.  Brown was stabbed several times using a long knife severing his right arm.  His heart and lungs was also removed as a form of human sacrifice.

The remains of Brown were found on June 17 by hikers.  His body is so mutilated that the police are convinced that only a person with mental disability can do this.  When he was arrested, he told the police that he wanted to use the car of Brown to visit the Head Devil which is located in San Francisco. But Anton LaVey’s church of Satan rejected his claim.

Hurd was proven to be mentally incapacitated and was admitted to a state hospital.    While he is on the hospital he claims that Father Satan continues to pay him a visit.  His teenager followers were sent into a juvenile system for reformation.


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