Ramanga is one of the most bizarre living vampire creatures that are found in the lore of Madagascar.  It is one of the earliest incarcerations of evil.  This is a creature that offers disgusting services to the noble men of the tribe, most especially the chief.  It is said that whenever a high profile individual clipped his nails, the ramanga has to eat those nail clippings.  And if the noble man went into an operation that consists of a dripping blood, the ramanga also has to drink that blood.  If during that time a ramanga is not present around the area, the clipping and the blood was preserved to be consumed by the next ramanga or living vampire.

In the popular series, Young Dracula, the Ramanga is known to be a high ranking vampire.  The fact that the whole family knelt in front of him means that he is someone that deserves a high respect.  In the series it was also shown that Ramanga has the ability to create copies of himself.  He can also transform into a bat that he use to escape when sensing a danger.

The Ramanga literally means blue blood; their eating of nail clippings is due to their belief that this substance contains magical elements.  They eat this because the nobles are afraid that those magical elements may fall into a wrong hand and may be use for evil deeds from the source of the nails.  They also drink the blood of the nobles because they believe that the soul of a person is in his blood.  In every noble house on Betsileo tribe, they are known to maintain at least one Ramanga who would eat their nail clippings and drink their blood.


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