Boundas are creatures found in folklores of Africa, they are were-hyenas.   In most Tanszanian and Moroccan legend, bounda is man who lives in a tribe and works as a wood cutter and a blacksmith and has the ability to shape shift in the form of a wild animals.  The locals believed that a wizard granted them the power to change their form.

The boundas eyes have the ability to put you in a daze, though it wasn’t clear how the boundas are using that ability.  Furthermore, the creature is said to stalk the gravesite at night to rob the graves of fresh corpses and cannibalize them, a feature that is similar to a ghoul rather than to a werewolf.

Though there are many ways that a werewolf and a boundas are different, they said that a boundas is the first cousin of a werewolf.  There is also a high probability that a boundas is female specie since most of the women are considered as the alphas of the packs, but then again these claims might vary depending on the region.

Also unlike the werewolf who needs lunar intervention in order to shape shift, boundas are not bounded into the moon.  They can transform into a hyena anytime they like.  Thus the boundas are greatly feared since the local villagers are unaware on what time they will attack.  In addition, a bounda can also be a hyena that takes the form of a man, so boundas are not necessarily a human.

The tale of the Boundas are still alive on the African region, they said that anyone who was hairy and with a nasal voice are easily suspected of being boundas.


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