Edward & Stephania Andrews

On May 15, 1970 Edward and his wife, Stephania attended a party at the Sheraton hotel on Friday on Chicago Illinois.  The cocktail party was sponsored by an organization wherein Stephania was a member.  During the time of the party the other guest said that Edward started to feel ill and hungry.  They also stated that Stephania was crying when they left the venue.  The couple left with their sports coupe with plate number BB9986.

The attendant at the parking garage claimed that Edward hit the door on their way out.  In addition he also saw the couple took the wrong route.  That was the last time they were ever seen on public.

They were reported missing on Monday, their co-workers started to get worried after both of them failed to appear at their work.  The police went to their house and discovered that the newspapers are all piled out of their house and the letters at their mailbox were left untouched.  A neighbor of them had the key of their house and when the police opened the house, nothing seems to be missing except for the couple.

Edward and Stephania Andrews have been married for 6-7 years by the time that they disappeared.  They were described by the people who know them as trustworthy and hardworking and were never heavy drinkers.

Authorities theorized that Edward might be disoriented and drove off the bridge.  The police performed a thorough investigation on the river but they were unable to find any vehicle.  40 years had passed and the police were still unable to tell what happened to the couple.


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