Monclova Monster

Most of the residents of Colonia Chinameca were baffled on the incident that was reported by two children.  The two children claimed that they saw a creature that walks on his four legs but can also walk using his hind legs.

The children saw the creature in an empty lot on Calle Londres on a Saturday night. Omar Andres Armendariz and his friend Jose Rolando Gallegos both of 13 years old were shaking in fear upon telling the residents about the alleged creature.

The mother of one of the kids called the police and requested that whoever was responsible of causing the kids to panic should be apprehended.  The police immediately went to the location where the supposed creature was reported and search for a creature with the dog’s eyes, but are green in color.  The police searched everywhere but was unable to find the culprit.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the Monclova monster was sighted.  On April 6, 2010, people of the Colonia Alamo were startled upon seeing a creature submerged itself into the Monclova River.  The police were summoned on the location to search for the creature that has similar description to the creature that was described above.

The residents contacted the police at 2:00 am reporting about a “strange animal” that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The monster made an appearance again on April 9, 2010. This time it doesn’t only frightened people but also blamed for mutilating 10 goats.  Jaime Cruz, 21, a shepherd claimed that he has seen the beast for a number of times.  He said that the beast can leap greater heights.


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