Kanima are depicted by the South American culture as a human transforming into a jaguar.  It is not designed to torment the innocent people rather it murders the people who has committed a terrible crime.  But the pop culture has given them a new face, as they were portrayed as a reptilian creature that also kills the murderers.

Based on the South American culture, a kanima is a were-jaguar that acts as a familiar to its master.  It is said to be a spirit of vengeance.  During the old times, a priest sought the help of this creature to kill all the murderers and to bring peace to the region.  The bond that binds the master and kanima develops until it reaches the point that the will of the kanima and its master became one.  Eventually, the master would no longer need to instruct his familiar, the kanima would kill anyone willingly that is unfit on the sight of his master.

“Teen Werewolf” gave the kanima a new look as they portrayed him as a creature covered with scales.  They also have long tails and have the ability to climb walls similar to other reptiles rather than to a werewolf.  Their claws are sharp that secretes toxins that can paralyze their victims for hours.  They are also said to have a very speedy regenerative power, as shown in one of the episodes that it was hit with number of bullets and was able to continue the fight.

In addition they can enter the cycle of chrysalis and transform into a new creature with wings.  The only similar thing about the kanima is that they are bounded to the power of moon.  And unlike the werewolves who seek for pack, this one needs a master.


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