Franz von Poblocki

Consumption, during the earlier years where often mistaken to be a vampiric manifestation. One reason why they are often attributed to the works of the undead is that a little is known about the sickness and that there is no cure on it during that time, making it a mysterious illness.

In the year 1870, a prominent person died in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda, Pomerania, which is northwest of Poland. Franz von Poblocki died due to consumption and was buried on the churchyard located in Roslasin.  After only a mere two weeks, Anton, the son of Poblocki also succumbed to the same sickness.  Immediately after, relatives and people close to them suddenly got sick and complained about being attack while they were sleeping.

Other family members started speculating about the idea of vampire manifestation.  They sought the help of a famous vampirologist, Johann Dzigielski in hopes that the attack on the family will be stopped.

Dzigielski decapitated the head of Anton and placed it between the legs of the corpse and the body was buried.  He then ordered the people to exhume the body of Poblocki.  Poblocki was also decapitated and his head was positioned on the same way as Anton.

The priest of the local church complained about the process that Dzigielski took since desecration of the grave is highly prohibited on that time. Dzigielski was apprehended and was placed into trial.  He was sentenced to serve four months inside the prison cell.  The family appeal the case and fortunately the presiding judge were a little superstitious and acquitted Dzigielski on the charges.


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