Robert Dale Conklin

Robert Dale Conklin was executed for being implicated in stabbing his lover to death using a screwdriver and dismembering his remains after.

It was in March 1984 when maintenance personnel at the Conklin’s apartment was collection aluminum cans from the dumpster when he discovered pieces of human flesh, credit card, knives bed clothes with blood, screwdriver, rope, random documents and wallets that belongs to the victim.  It is all encased in a black trash bag.

The pieces of human meat were believed to be from a lawyer who began a sexual relationship with Robert Dale Conklin.  The authorities launched a search inside Conklin’s apartment and they discovered that his bed clothes are missing and the mattress was soaked in blood.

The kitchen garbage disposal seems to be jammed due to the internal organs. Conklin, a former Mc Donald’s manager was arrested by the authority.  He said that he and the man were caught in a wrestling in a bed when he reached the screwdriver and stuck it into the victim’s ear and wriggled it around.

Conklin admitted that he drained the blood of the victim and dissected it to get rid of the evidence.  A book containing the details of the dissecting performed on the body was found on the scene of the crime.

The defense claimed that their client acted only in self defense to prevent the lawyer from raping Conklin.  They also presented the evidence that Conklin while on parole for a different charge live a productive life.  He was executed on July of 2005.


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