Nodding Disease in Uganda

WHO (World Health Organization) authorities are puzzled as to what is the cause to the strange disease that is known to exist on the year 2009. The disease is known to inflict the children at first.  The disease causes the children to pass out or sleep in bizarre events.  Some signs and symptoms of the disease are similar to the zombie manifestation that can only be seen on the big screen.

There were mothers in Uganda who were bounding their children in fear that their children might wander around the town mindlessly.  Up to this day there is no known cause or cure to the disease.  Nodding disease has been linked to other conditions such as the “river sickness” that is known to cause blindness.  But in the case of nodding disease the kids affected with it is normally from the ages of 5-15 years old.

One mother shared her experience about the disease on an article that was published on Daily Mail.  She said:
 (Grace) Lagat now has to tie up her children when she leaves the house to stop them from disappearing. She told the TV station:’When I am going to the garden, I tie them with cloth. ‘If I don’t tie them I come back and find that they have disappeared.’

The case of the nodding disease in Uganda continued to baffle most experts.  They believe there is a type of agent that can cause people to behave that way and why do the signs appear on younger kids only.  There is an account about a 19 year old victim but the signs gradually decrease as they grow older.


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